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What We Do

Supporting beneficiaries* across Hampshire & the Isle of Wight Constabulary

At Southampton Police Club Trust Fund (SPCTF), we use funds generously invested from the sale of the Southampton Police Club (Hulse Road Social Club) to support the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary family.


Our objective is to support Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary staff and their families both past and present

*Beneficiaries are defined as all serving, retired or resigned members of the Hampshire Constabulary including Police Staff, PCSO's and Special Constables approved by the Committee and their spouse, partner or children.

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Who We Have Helped

Recent grants given by SPCTF


Family Help

The SPCTF provided financial support for 1 on 1 swimming lessons for the son of a beneficiary who required additional assistance. This aid helped the child to gain confidence and improve their swimming skills.

How We Make A Difference

Examples of support available

Hardship funding support

We have contributed towards a wet room floor, and provided financial support for equipment for those with additional needs.  When the need has arisen we have supported individuals in the mounting of their police medals when they didn’t have funds to do so. 

Every application is judged upon its own merits.  Please always ask – the worst that can happen is we say no.

Social Events

Over the years this is what we have become best known for, the contribution to the team Christmas events, or a donation for a team outing.  We also contribute to the overall costs of putting on some events by others, summer balls, BBQ’s and social football matches. 

If you and your team are socialising in a pre-planned and organised manner you can ask for a financial cost from the SPCTF.

Music, Memories, Things That Matter

We have made regular contributions to the running cost of the Hampshire Police Male Voice Choir, Hampshire Constabulary Band, and Families day to name a few.  We have part funded the creation and refurbishment of 2 memorial gardens.  There is an annual “pensioners night” and  a dinner dance, all organised and heavily subsidised by SPCTF. 

Our contributions offer the opportunity for our beneficiaries and their friends and families to make memories and share memories.

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